My vintage studio Kit list!

  • Desk top Athlon 64 3700 processsor 8 Gig ram Cdr drives. Focusrite Scarlett 18-20 in /out audio interface

  • DvD Writer, Laptops x 3 HP G56 4 2.6 Ghz laptops. 8 Gig ram 80gb 5400rpm Ultra ATA/100HDD dvd/cd-rw drive.HP Running Celeron Intel processor with Windows 11 & 8 , Toshiba Sapphire Laptop Atari1040 ste SM 124 monochrome monitor.32 inch monitor

Sound interface

focusrite Scarlett 18-20 i/o rackmount ,Echo Gina 24/96 Card 16 outs, includes Adat Interface2x M-Audio Sonica Theater 7.1 Surround sound soundcards ,Kenton midi/cv gate Midisport 2x2, Joe Meek compression. Behringer 1100 di boxes

  • Emu Esi 32 Emu Esi 2000 fully loaded Emu 5000

Keyboards /Synths /Modules
  • Korg Electribe, Korg M1, Microkorg vocoder, Roland Juno 106, Juno 6 Juno 1, JX3P, SH101, Casio Cz 101, Gen Casio Casio cz 230, String Machine Novation Supernova x 64pro, JD8800 Synth, Roland U220, Roland D110, Roland JX1, Roland JP3Seil Cruise Crumar Roadrunner

  • 4X FMR Really nice compressors (It`s amazing performance is why many professionals are calling the RNC one of the best sounding compressors for under $2000 1x THC Fat Filter ResinatorFocusrite pentaFocusrite Sapphire 6 Audio interface4x Stereo Behringer compressors 1x Behringer Composer10 input Di Box

Drum Machines
  • Cheetah Md 16 rackmount, Akai Rythmn wolf , Roland 909, 808, 707, 606, Quasimidi Rave-o-lution 309 Alesis hr16, Alesis Sr 16 Yamaha Rx 21 Sr88 Zoom 246 Streetbox Electribe EA1 R, Boss 505

Efx Processors
  • Lexicon MP200 ,Vintage Analogue Delay, 2x Zoom 1201 modulesStudio projects VTB1 mic preamp4 Sonefex Mic PreampsDrum Kit We have a studio drumkit available plus cymbals stands and hihats. We also have a set of Conginas and a military deep marching snare drum.Two Simmons pads for triggering samples or Cheetah

Microphones & Preamps
  • Broadhurst gardens BG1 DAV electronics

  • Neumann, Rode, Octava, Shure, T-Bone & Unidyne all good for vocals and Instruments Extra Drum Microphones 1 x Session Master D717 bass drum microphone, with high SPL handling, internal shock mount with tailored frequency for kick drum2 x Session Master/Eagle 158 snare/tom microphones, with rubber shock mount & tailored frequency for drums2 x rim clamps for mounting on snare/tom rims as required.

Mixers + Monitors
  • Allen &Heath Gl3300 24 channel mixer.

  • Soundcraft 1600b 32 channel desk circa 1984, Yamaha O2R, Genelec active monitors, Mackie 120402 submixer if necessaryAcoustic Energy AE 22 active monitors Classic SN1O Studio spares, rebuild based on the original design but powered.Behringer Subwoofer that goes all the way down to 32hz.

  • CDR, Iomega zips 250 x2, Frome hdd, 2x apple cdroms, Sony cassette, Technics cd, 500Gig External Wd Drive USB 2Dj Equipment

We have dj equipment available for use/hire.x 4x Pioneer Cdjs 1000 mk 2800 Mk 2 model Pioneer Djm 500 Mixerx 1 IMG Stage Line MPX-480 Stereo DJ Mixer Traktor F1 Controller x2 , Behringer CMD PL-1 Electrix Tweaker, Midi Performance ControllerTraktor Scratch Pro Audio 6 SoundcardLD Systems DAVE 10G2  Portable Active PA Systemx 4xTS115A Active 800 Watt 2-Way 15" Loudspeakersx6 Kam Lasersx2 Equinox and Predator disco lightsx1 Smoke Machine