Alex Tronic: News April 2019

A Voice for the Silent ” is the latest release from Scots producer Paul Croan aka Alex Tronic. Previous albums are Nature Flow (2016) Shifting Sands (2011)
This Ep is the follow up to the Nature Flow album which has clocked up millions of streams on Spotify and has and charted in Hong Kong and various platforms such as iTunes.
This latest Ep features samples of the words of prominent animal rights campaigner and philanthropist Philip Wollen.
Activist Wollen gave up his lear jet set lifestyle as the vice chairman of the Citi Bank corporation to fight for animal rights globally.
The recordings took place at Paul`s studio in central Edinburgh over the winter.
Paul also teamed up with the acclaimed contemporary artist Michael Worobec on the artwork.
Michael has exhibited his work in the Royal Scottish Academy, The Mall gallery many other prominent galleries worldwide.

“The music is mellow and soothing. In contrast the message is serious. I think we have achieved that said Paul to his distributors at Believe Digital Marketing. “Also It is really exciting to work on a track which is aim is not to preach but to make people more aware of the environment, animal rights and our responsibility to every living entity on the planet.” Michael (Worobec) the artist who designed the cover and myself had various discussions on pointless celebrities, narcissism and the reckless attitude of Trump to our planet. We decided on a bright but dark piece of digital art in keeping with his style and aesthetics and the difficult subject matter of animal slaughter. I was very pleased with his original artwork and also how the track turned out with Philip Wollen`s words embedded in the music.

Alex Tronic: News October 2017

The New EP released July 10th 2017- Alex Tronic Featuring Shuna Lovelle Brave About It EP. The EP made number 1 on iTunes in the chillout /lounge charts.It is currently on rotation on Chill FM and many other staions.

Alex Tronic: News June 2017

I have been in Ibiza djing with my homie Jamie Porteous the resident at Ibiza Global Radio, Heart and Jacaranda which was a lot of fun. I am delighted to announce the release date of July 10th for my new EP `Brave About It` featuring Shuna Lovelle. Shuna has an excellent voice and we will post soundclips soon. The EP contains three tracks and has a summer feel.

Alex Tronic: News May 2017

The Alex Tronic v Leith Bass Team CD has been received well since release. It made the top four releases in the Music News Scotland and the track Monday Jazzfunker has been playlisted by Spotify and has around 600,000 streams to date. We thank you all for the continued support.The album also charted in the top 100 in Hong Kong and in various charts such as Deezer. Paul will be working in the studio this month with vocalist Shuna Lovelle on a new EP due 2017.

The eagerly anticipated new album by Alex Tronic V Leith Bass Team Nature Flow ,Click to listen !


Alex Tronic is Electronic musician, DJ, producer and label owner Paul Croan, who is based in Leith, Edinburgh. He debuted  with a record entitled Mind Matters/Obsessional. According to Is this music? magazine, he has mastered the "rare trick of blending familiarity with innovation" within his unique style of electronica and dance music. The music is described as Euphoric warm and very original .` 

Alex Tronic also works under the name Leith Bass Team which is a project set up for colaborations with the artists on the ATR label and others. He has produced music for The Goa Beach series as a compiler Alex Tronic with DJ Bim and as an artist with Leith Bass Team and Alex Tronic.

The lastest EP `Breathe me In ` features the vocals from  Scots Chantuese Georgia Gordon and strings courtesy of Estonian Polina Domnina.

Alex Tronic's debut album "To Infinity" was released on his own  label Alex Tronic Records in 2009. Danny Turner of Future Music magazine described his production as spotless and the results are consuming, with very very good tracks on the debut CD.

The "Back in the Room EP" release followed in 2010, and "Shifting Sands" album was released in 2011.

Electricals EP by Alex Tronic (2012) features vocalist Kirsty Brown and also includes remixes by ATR artist Snakestyle. The ideas and recordings for the EP began during Summer 2011, when Croan relocated to Ibiza to DJ and record. The EP was completed in Edinburgh during winter 2011/2012.

Alex Tronic and Becki Bardot's Balearica sessions EP features vocals from Sally Stapleton and was also released in 2012.

Alex Tronic release `Trip to the Source` is the opener on YSE Records double cd Goa 13 Volume 3 released July 2013.

In March 2014 Alex Tronic colaborated with DJ Bim of YSE Records on GOA BEACH VOL. 23 A powerful, double CD edition packed with the finest GOA Trance and 12 finest Lounge Music Production‘s. A tried and tested concept which has been proven to be very successful amongst our loyal followers. Goa Beach 25   double cd   compiled by DJ Bim and Alex Tronic , which has a Streetdate  of 10/10/2014 available as a double CD on Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records.

Goa Beach 27  is the latest double cd   compiled by DJ Bim and Alex Tronic , which has a Streetdate  of 22/05/2015 available as a double CD on Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records . Is this Music magazine said of the cd `

`CD 1 compiler DJ Bim loves his soothing synth lines and the master of CD 2, Alex Tronic loves his bass lines and they are both allowed to run riot here. The combined effect is simply stunning`

For more information checkout his Alex Tronic Wikipedia page here

Photo of Leith Bass Teams player/singer Georgia Gordon is  copyright to Christos Patelis