is Electronic musician, DJ, producer and label owner Paul Croan, who is based in LeithEdinburgh. He debuted  with a vinyl record entitled Mind Matters/ Obsessional. According to Is this music? magazine, he has mastered the "rare trick of blending familiarity with innovation" within his unique style of electronica and dance music. The music is described as Euphoric, warm and very original.

The outstanding Electronic and Downtempo musician Alex Tronic is an Edinburgh, Scotland native. Alex Tronic has gained recognition in the music industry thanks to his distinctive and alluring sound. His music is a fusion of downtempo rhythms and electronic beats that carry  listeners away to a another planet. Described by Jonathan Muirhead of the Skinny magazine as being like the 'Blue Nile in Nike trainers'

Alex Tronic uses sophisticated melodies, subtle rhythms, and haunting voices in his music. His songs frequently feature atmospheric soundscapes that give them depth and feeling. Alex Tronic has developed a sound that is both modern and classic through his creative blending of electronic and acoustic instruments.

Alex Tronic is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to his art as a musician. His music is an expression of his love of electronic and downtempo music, as well as his dedication to producing original and motivating music. Alex Tronic is a star in the music industry because of his distinctive sound and great talent.


Alex Tronic also works under the name Leith Bass Team which is a project set up for collaborations with the artists on the ATR label and others. He has produced music for The Goa Beach series as a compiler Alex Tronic with DJ Bim and as an artist with Leith Bass Team and Alex Tronic.

Goa Beach 27  is the latest double cd   compiled by DJ Bim and Alex Tronic, which has a Streetdate  of 22/05/2015 available as a double CD on Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records . Is this Music magazine said of the cd `

`CD 1 compiler DJ Bim loves his soothing synth lines and the master of CD 2, Alex Tronic loves his bass lines and they are both allowed to run riot here. The combined effect is simply stunning.`

For more information checkout his Alex Tronic Wikipedia page here

April 2024

Alex Tronic has a new single out this month. It`s a moody balearic chill out track with some live violin. It is available on all the usual digital platforms.

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