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Alex Tronic & Dominika Czerniga : Morning Blunt. Release Date 26/05/2023

Alex Tronic, aka Paul Croan returns with his new single, It is the first from his new album coming later this year. “Wax” is a collaboration with singer and multi instrumentalist Dominika Czerniga The single was recorded at his studio in Leith, Edinburgh, which has been Wax was mastered in Berlin by the award winning sound engineer Conor Dalton (Daft Punk, Carl Cox, John Digweed).

Dominka said of the single,

“Wax is a song dipped in retro nostalgia. Dreamy strings paired with lush sax alongside Alex Tronics beautifully chilled out beat. This creates a perfect landscape for softly sang lyrics of romantic longing. Bright yet bittersweet.just like young love.I had pictured the video for Wax as a love letter from Edinburgh, drenched in colours, following the delightful misadventures of a girl and her 'real' dog. Absurd, dream-like ASMR for your eyes, leaves you Alex Tronic is currently working on a new album with funding from Creative Scotland due later this year."

Alex Tronic & Shuna Lovelle: The Strangest Times.
Alex Tronic, aka Paul Croan returns with his new lockdown single, “The Strangest
Times.” The song was recorded at his studio in Leith, Edinburgh, which has been
described by Music Tech Magazine as, “a vintage synth treasure trove.”
The music was programmed in isolation, and vocals were provided by Shuna
Lovelle after lockdown. The haunting viola parts were played by Dominika
Paul said of the single,
“I wanted to take advantage of some extra time in my studio and to try and push
myself out of my comfort zone, by creating some edgy pandemic beats.
Hopefully, I have captured a sinister musical vibe, with an atmospheric vocal
delivered by Shuna. The live combination of vocals and viola really added to the
ambiance of the track. We are all excited about the track.”
Alex Tronic is currently working on a new album due early 2021.

A Voice for the Silent ” is the latest release from Scots producer Paul Croan aka Alex Tronic. 

This latest Ep features samples of the words of prominent animal rights campaigner and philanthropist Philip Wollen.

Activist Wollen gave up his lear jet set lifestyle as the vice chairman of the Citi Bank corporation to fight for animal rights globally.

The recordings took place at Paul`s studio in central Edinburgh over the winter.

Paul also teamed up with the acclaimed contemporary artist Michael Worobec on the artwork. 

Michael has exhibited his work in the Royal Scottish Academy, The Mall gallery many other prominent galleries worldwide.

Our long time  colaborator  Mathew Leigh  Embleton  aka  Snakestyle  has  remixed  a  balearic  version  of '`Feels Like Falling` It is now available  on all  major digital  outlets and on  our  releases  page on  this website.

'Feels Like Falling` is the second collaboration between Alex Tronic and Shuna Lovelle.The recording took place at Paul`s studio in Edinburgh in the autumn of 2017. Their previous release the `Brave about It` EP was a success being play listed by Spotify. The EP also made number one in the iTunes chillout charts and was on rotation on radio stations such as Chill FM. The idea of the collaboration was to fuse Shuna`s words and melodies to Paul`s slow grooves and hypnotic beats.They were both pleased enough with the results to release this as a one off song.

News May 2017

The Alex Tronic v Leith Bass Team Cd has been received well since release. It made the top four releases in the Music News Scotland and the track Monday Jazzfunker has been playlisted by Spotify and has around 500,000 streams to date.We thank you all for the continued support.The album also charted in the top 100 in Hong Kong. Paul will be working in the studio this month with vocalist Shuna Lovelle on a new ep due 2017.

Alex Tronic V Leith Bass Team’s debut album is due out on October 17th 2016. Nature Flow is the third album from Scots producer Paul Croan using the Alex Tronic name. Previous albums are `To Infinity (2009) and `Shifting Sands` (2011) 
This CD comes under the guise of Alex Tronic versus Leith Bass  Team. LBT  is another outlet for some of Paul’s material that features guest musicians from his label namely Matthew Leigh Embleton ( Snakestyle).The CD also features long time vocal collaborator Kirsty Brown and new contributions from Polina Domnina on violin and Scots chanteuse Georgia Gordon.The album is predominately a collection of down tempo electronic tunes with the emphasis on consistency of sound. The disc hints of Ibicencan and Goa chillout but it mostly has roots in a modern British sound.Croan said of the album:`The idea of the Nature Flow album is to have a focus on melody with not too many key changes. I wanted to create a simple but sophisticated sound that people may enjoy post club or a soundtrack to life in general. There is a natural flow that runs through the album. Many elements are found and sampled real life nature sounds. These are hopefully used to create interesting results in the recordings`.Paul has previously compiled many cds for the successful Goa Beach series for the German distributors Kontor from his studio in central Edinburgh. 

News  December 2015

Leith Bass TeamLEITH Bass Team is the brainchild of Edinburgh producer and Alex Tronic Records founder Paul Croan, and was created as a vehicle for collaborating with different artists on his label. Breathe Me In is the first single to emerge from the venture and features vocalist Georgia Gordon, who was introduced to Croan by erstwhile record shop supremo and Simple Minds manager Bruce Findlay at one of our Born To Be Wide evenings. With its ambient vibe and light dub beat, it is easy to imagine hearing the song coming through the speakers of a minimalist bar in a designer hotel. So it should come as no surprise that it has already been snapped up for the latest in the long-running Goa Beachcompilation series, distributed by leading German dance label Kontor Records.

Croan and Gordon continue to collaborate and the results are due to appear on Leith Bass Team’s debut album, scheduled for release in the spring.

Listen at

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July 2015

Goa Beach Volumes  26 & 27 cds

I have completed CD2 for Goa Beach 27 compiled as always by DJ Bim and myself for Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records .This double cd will be out on May 22nd 2015 .Goa Beach Volume 26 is out via Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records  April the 1st .So grab a copy of these great double cds via amazon or   or iTunes. 

 I have two tracks on Goa Beach 26  `Everywhere I go `featuring  the sassy Kirsty Brown on vocals . My new project Leith Bass Team has a track called Nature flows positioned at track 4 which has strings recorded at my studio by Polina Domnina . I may  put vocals on it in the future and remix as there is much more that could be done with it .I really like this track .

Third Album 

I have almost completed this cd and it should be ready soon . I am waiting to write a couple of new tracks and record a vocalist but otherwise progress is good . I am just having fun with music again .